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Live event 'From Start-up to Exit' (19-11-2021, Ghent): summary panel discussion 19.06.2022
Podcast CEO Series: Jürgen Ingels, co-founder & managing partner Smartfin 23.08.2021
“A good CFO distinguishes itself through operational experience, scenario building and common sense” – Jürgen Ingels, Managing Partner, Smartfin 23.08.2021
“Complementarity and trust are key for a good collaboration between CEO and CFO” – Jan De Schepper, Partner at BDO Belgium 20.08.2021
In pictures: Charlotte Puts, finance recruiter at Key Figures Recruitment 15.08.2021
The interaction between CEO and CFO and how to challenge each other: Gert Van Gestel, CEO at Connect+ Group, shares his experience 05.08.2021
Podcast CEO Series: Jan De Schepper, Chairman & Board Member, Ex-CEO Telindus 04.08.2021
Podcast CEO Series: Gert Van Gestel, CEO @ Connect + 21.07.2021
Fairness in tax and the OECD Tax Control Framework: Hilde Wampers, Managing Director at, explains new trends in corporate tax planning 20.07.2021
Credit management 2.0: Eric Van den Broele (Graydon Belgium) explains how (big) data creates new opportunities 16.07.2021
The importance of corporate tax planning for companies: Hilde Wampers, Managing Director at, explains 14.07.2021
Podcast: Sergio Gomez Gutierrez, using processes to create value through finance, RPA and (finance) leadership through stoicism 07.07.2021
Podcast: Federico Nordenstahl, the power of treasury as a CFO, creating buy-in and having empathy to lead a finance team 23.06.2021
The role of finance director within a global player in animal feed: Thomas Bosschem, Finance Director at Agrifirm, speaks 13.06.2021
Innovation as a key driver for sustainability: Thomas Bosschem, Finance Director at Agrifirm, zooms in on the role of finance 11.06.2021
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