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In pictures: Charlotte Puts, finance recruiter at Key Figures Recruitment


At the beginning of August, Charlotte Puts started working as a finance recruiter at Key Figures Recruitment. She immediately got off to a flying start by assisting business manager Bright Obeng in the recruitment and selection of top finance talent for companies. How does the switch to Key Figures like her? And what challenges does she like to roll up her sleeves for? A portrait.

More than ten years of experience in the accounting and staffing sector
At a fairly young age, Charlotte started working at an accounting firm in her home base of Kasterlee. “After my accounting and tax studies, I was able to start immediately in a large accounting firm. That first work experience was very instructive, both in terms of content and in terms of human contacts. After three years I started looking for another professional challenge. In 2014, for example, I entered the temporary employment sector, an exciting industry that was already in full development at that time. I had the opportunity to start at Randstad, first as a consultant and then as a payroll manager for companies. I held both jobs for about three years, greatly enjoying the dynamic and challenging business environment. I had the opportunity to use my substantive expertise and personal skills – such as stress resistance, commercial feeling and negotiation skills – to be thoroughly explored. I am still grateful to my supervisors from back then for regularly luring me out of my comfort zone.”

Continuing to build a professional track
During her career at Randstad, Charlotte became the proud mother of two. The combination of family life and many kilometers 'on the road' as a consultant proved increasingly difficult to combine. “The job of payroll administrator resulted in a healthier work-life balance. After a few years, however, I again felt the ambition to grow professionally. In October 2020, I was given the opportunity at Itzu Jobs to start working as a commercial consultant, with a view on great career opportunities. And then Bright came knocking.” (laughs)

Ready for a new challenge at Key Figures Recruitment
“Bright convinced me to join Key Figures Recruitment, an ambitious niche player in the recruitment of finance professionals. He was urgently looking for fresh blood to assist his clients in finding top financial talent. I am very much looking forward to fully enjoying this challenging and competitive industry.”

“Friends and colleagues characterize me as a strong communicator, outgoing and result-oriented. I really enjoy contact with people, where I also get energy from striving for concrete targets. Raising the bar for myself and those around me, but always in a respectful way. In my new role as a finance recruiter I want to pull out all the stops in expanding a large network, investing in relationship management and of course helping companies and organizations that are looking for the best finance profiles. My work experience from the past few years comes in handy here. But it goes without saying that, together with Bright, I also invest a lot of hours in education and training, in order to sharpen my existing skills and learn new ones.”

Vicious circle
Charlotte's credo? “A challenging and enjoyable job ensures that you also become happier as a partner and parent. And that positive energy is then reflected on colleagues and customers. A balanced work-life balance – thanks in part to the use of teleworking and digital tools – yields pure profit. Now that I'm off the starting blocks at Key Figures Recruitment, I feel the counter is on the winning side. I am 100 percent ready for this new challenge!”

Grow in your

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