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Bob De Buyser

Specialist Engineering Recruiter - BENELUX
+32 14 48 05 08

About Me

As a recent graduate, who cannot sit still, Bob has gained a lot of relevant experience before the start of his recruitment career. 

Mainly Bob has worked in recruitment & selection, but he has already been involved in several projects. These are projects to increase the visibility of a company, spotting and maintaining points of high potential in an organisation, rewriting assessments, and training and coaching of employees.

With a background in Engineering and Psychology, Bob constantly strives to improve the recruitment processes to the max in the Engineering sector across Belgium. He's putting his strong network of top candidates to good use, by guiding their careers into some of the most interesting companies Belgium has to offer.

A passion of Bob's is mountain-climbing and he has been "climbing" the recruitment mountain ever since he finished his studies. All of his energy and focus is concentrated to ensure the highest standard of recruitment he can offer.