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Careers in Finance, MedTech or Engineering

Let us make an appointment to discuss the possibilities to take your current role and tasks to a higher level!

Our clients are world-class companies and market leaders in their niche. We facilitate confidential conversations between these companies and exceptional talents within Finance, MedTech and Engineering.

Are you ready to boost your level and improve your future?

You know better than anyone what radical changes are taking place within your field; Finance, MedTech or Engineering, will be confronted in the coming years. Moreover, you realize that due to increasing digitization, more and more is expected within your field.

Would you like to discuss your future as a Finance, MedTech or Engineering professional with an experienced recruitment specialist? Or are you ready for a new story and would you like to work with a recruiter who really speaks your language?

Key Figures believes in processes to support you, and therefore work tailored to you, supported by a five- step process :

Introductory meeting: we are happy to make time to get to know you better as a professional in your field. This introductory meeting can take place virtually or physically, at our office or at a location of your choice.

Alignment of expectations: Key Figures always works tailored to the professional. That is why we want to align key questions with you about your career. What do you want to achieve during your career? What type of organisation would you like to work in, and in which region? Which burning platforms do you want to tackle? What are your expectations in terms of remuneration? Together we look for and find an answer to these and other questions.

Method of communication: you choose how we communicate with you when we discover a great opportunity for you: e-mail, telephone, video call, face-to-face conversation…

Suggesting opportunities: sometimes an opportunity presents itself, but the timing doesn't fit your schedule. Don't worry: we stay in touch with you to know how your wishes and needs change. Based on this, we can propose relevant opportunities for you in the future.

Guidance throughout the recruitment process: in addition to Finance, MedTech, and Engineering, Key Figures is also well versed in recruitment and HR. We guide you through the recruitment process through a clear description of the opportunity, review of your CV, preparatory interview before each interview and constructive feedback afterwards. Even after acceptance of the proposal, we will give you tips and tricks on how to deal with your current employer, what to do in the event of a counter offer and how to say goodbye to your employer in an elegant way. Never blow up bridges!

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